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Raphaël Grasset is a principal engineer at PTC since November 2015. He was previously staff engineer at Qualcomm Research Austria (Nov 2013- Nov 2015), senior researcher (2011-2014) at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (TU-Graz, Austria) and affiliated researcher at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (University of Canterbury, New Zealand). Between 2004 to 2010, he was senior researcher (2007-2010) and postdoctorate at the HIT Lab NZ (2004-2007). He completed his PhD in Computer Science at ARTIS (ex-iMAGIS Lab, INRIA, Université Joseph Fourier, France) in 2004.

His main research & developments interests include: 3D interaction, computer-human interaction, augmented reality, mixed reality, visualization and CSCW. His research methodology is both bottom-up (build and evaluating technology and interfaces) and top-down (application-driven). Over the last decade he has been involved in more than 40 multidisciplinary academic and industrial projects. He is author of more than 50 international publications, supervised more than 50 students in the last 10 years and ISMAR Steering Committee member since 2010.


Academic Curriculum Vitae
(PDF, September 2013)


Industry Curriculum Vitae
(PDF, June 2013)

Research Overview

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Large part of my research (and development) is on interactive graphics, for mobile, desktop or immersive platforms. I have a special interest on HCI with Emerging Technologiesinteractive 3D graphics solutions (3D User Interfaces), and I have been largely focusing on  Augmented Reality over the last decade.

I have been working on more than 50 projects over the last 15 years, find a complete list on my projects page.

My participation in these projects ranged from primary and leading researcher (senior investigator), associate investigator, project leader, technical advisor, to full stack software developer.

Contribution to nearly 2.4 Millions Euros of fund or grant acquisitions.

You can find the detailed list of my scholar articles (60+ papers with +50 international peer reviewed contributions) on my publications page. In 2017, my H-index is 22 (i-10 index = 45), +1800 citations (~tenure, associate professor). See my Google Scholar profile for more details.

You can find more information about my research interests, research themes, publications, projects and grants on the dedicated research overview page.
ICG Homepage (Senior Researcher, 2011-2014)
HIT Lab NZ Homepage (Senior Researcher/PostDoc, 2004-2010)
ARTIS Homepage (PhD Candidate, 2001-2004)


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  • OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS, IRIX, Unix
  • Programming Languages: C++, C, Java, Python, Javascript/HTML5, PHP, SQL
  • OS API: Win32, Linux, Android SDK/NDK, iOS SDK (notions)
  • Computer Graphics Libraries: OpenGL (Desktop, ES, WebGL), Unity API, OpenSceneGraph, Inventor/Coin3D, OpenGL Performer
  • Computer Vision Libraries: OpenCV, LibCVD
  • Programming Software: Visual Studio (2003-2013), Eclipse, XCode, control version (git, svn), ant, cmake
  • 3D Software: 3DS Max, Blender, Maya, Unity
  • Publishing Software: Word, Latex
  • Multimedia Software: Adobe Premiere/Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Office Software: Microsoft Suite


Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.
– Josef Albers


Guest Lecturer
Graz University of Technology, New ZealandARVU “Augmented Reality”. Lecture on “AR Interaction and Collaboration” (course
coordinator: Gerhard Reitmyar).
Part Time Lecturer (Full-Time in 2009)
University of Canterbury, New ZealandCOSC 426, “Augmented Reality”. Course delivery, including design and preparation of course material, assessment, exam marking. Development of software resources for student projects, project supervision and assistance (course coordinator: Mark Billinghurst).
University of Tasmania, AustraliaKHX 542, “Augmented Reality”. Course delivery, including design and preparation of course material, assessment, exam marking. Development of software resources for student projects, project supervision and assistance.
Guest Lecturer
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South KoreaLectures on “User Evaluation in Augmented Reality”. Course delivery, curricula design (course coordinator: Woontack Woo).
University of Canterbury, New Zealand“Introduction to 3D Visualization”. Course delivery and curricula design. First scientific visualization course at the University of Canterbury. Full week course with guest lecturers.
Part Time Lecturer
University of Canterbury, New ZealandLecture in COSC363 “Computer Graphics”.
Lecture on “Designing Virtual Content”, course delivery and preparation of course material.
Lecture in COSC110 “Introduction to Computer Science”. Lecture on “Introduction to Human Computer Interaction”, course delivery and preparation of course material.
Teaching Assistant
Joseph Fourier University, France“Introduction to Computer Science”, course for DEUG SMA 1st year. Practical lab and exercices (supervised by François Faure and Gérard Vivier).
Part Time Lecturer
Joseph Fourier University, France“Introduction to Internet” course for DEUG SV-ST 2nd Year. Active Participation to the design and development of the new curricula. Full course delivery, assessment, marking and administration. Supervision of student projects (course coordinator: Françoise Giroud).
“Introduction to Hardware Architecture” for DEUG STPI 1st Year. Course delivery, preparation of course material, assessment, marking (course coordinator: Saddek Bensalem).
Curricula Design
Joseph Fourier University, FranceDevelopment and design of an online teaching curriculum for chemistry course (based on courses handouts in paper format).
Jul-Aug 1999


  • Supervision of postgraduate students:
    • Phd Student:
      • Signe Wiingaard (2011-)
    • Master Students:
      • Simon Kendler, 2013-
      • Alexander Chernoglazov, 2012
      • Niels de Ruiter, 2011
      • Yorick Maziere, 2010
      • Thibault Daoulas, 2009
    • Master Projects:
      • Pierre-Jean Larroque, 2010
      • Nicolas Laffitan, 2010
      • Florian Birnthaler, 2008
  • senior supervisor or co-supervisor of student internships:
    • David Fandler (Bachelor Project, 2013-)
    • Brian Thorne (Honours. 2010)
    • Martin van Zijl (Bachelor, 2010)
    • Martin Knecht (Phd, 2010)
    • Wolf Katrin (pre-Phd, 2010)
    • Hyeongmook Lee (2008)
    • Jonathan Mooser (Phd, 2008)
    • Markus Sareika (Phd, 2008)
    • Jaka Sodnik (Phd, 2007)
  • Supervision of R&D student/staff (project-oriented) :
    • Fukuden Shunsuke (2011)
    • Yorick Maziere (2011)
    • Tim Hobbs (2011)
    • Jonathan Entwistle (2010)
    • Jacob Ervin (2010)
    • Robert Ramsay (2010)
    • Ville Lehtinen (2010)
    • Montignies Francois (2010)
    • Pomare Kieran (2010)
    • Hyuntae Lee (2010)
    • Florian Perteneder (2009)
    • Iris Herbst (2008)
    • Shin Jung (2007)
    • Yannick Allusse (2007)
    • Jens Hopfer (2007)
    • Charles Han (2007)


Ce sont les passions et non les intérêts qui mènent le monde.
– Alain (Émile Chartier)

Academic Activities

  • Steering Committee: ISMAR (2009-present)
  • Conference and Workshop Organization:
    • ISMAR 2009-2011 (AMH Program Chair)
    • ISMAR 2016 (Workshop & Tutorial Chair)
    • ISMAR 2013 (Demo Chair, Doctoral Consortium Mentor)
    • ISMAR 2012 (Communication Chair)
    • JVRC/ICAT 2009 (Web Chair)
    • IWUVR 2007 (Program Chair)
    • ICAT 2005 (Publication Chair)
    • MUM 2005 (Publication Chair)
    • 3DUI 2010-2009 (Poster Chair)
  • Conference and Workshops Program Committees:
    • PERCAR 2015
    • VR2014, ISMAR 2014, SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 MGIA
    • VR 2013, Interact 2013,  VRIC 2013, ISMAR AMH 2013, ISMAR CIMER 2013, JVRC 2013
    • VR 2012, ISMAR AMH 2012, OZCHI 2012, JVRC 2012, VRIC 2012, MobiViz MobileHCI 2012,
    • 3DUI 2011, JVRC 2011
    • ACE 2010, HCIAmI’10
    • IWUVR 2009
  • Conference Reviews:
    • ISMAR (2005-2017), IEEE VR (2005-2018), CHI (2009,2012-2017), UIST (2008,2012-2016)
    • TEI 2018
    • VRST 2016
    • CSCW 2014, ICAT-EGVE 2014
    • MobileHCI 2013, SUI 2013, TEI 2013, CSCW 2013, ACE 2013
    • TEI 2012, VRST 2012, NordiCHI 2012, MobileHCI 2012, SIGGRAPH 2012, IUI 2012
    • ISWC 2010, 3DUI 2010, CGI 2010
    • ISUVR 2009, IWUVR 2009, 3DUI 2009
    • INTERACT 2008
    • INTERACT 2007, OZCHI 2007, TABLETOP 2007, AUIC 2007
    • AUIC 2006, CHINZ 2006
    • Pervasive 2004
  • Journal Reviews:
    • TOCHI (2016)
    • Elsevier Virtual Reality Journal (2010-2014)
    • Elsevier Computer&Graphics (2011-2012)
    • Elsevier International Journal of Human and Computer Interaction (2011-2013)
    • Computer Graphics Forum (2013)
    • Elsevier Computer&Education (2011-2012)
    • Elsevier Journal of Cultural Heritage (2013)
    • Advances in Human-Computer Interaction (2011)
    • Elsevier Displays (2011)
    • Visual Computer Journal (2009)
    • International Journal of Virtual Reality (2006)
    • TVCG (2005)
    • Technique et Science Informatique (French, 2005)
  • Thesis Review: Master Thesis 2010-2013
  • Project Reviews: ANR 2009-2011 (main french governmental funding agency)
  • Book Review: “Emerging Technologies of Augmented Reality: Interface and Design”, Idea Group Publishing, December 2005.
  • ACM, IEEE Member

Community Activities


Hierarchical clustering for view management augmented reality
US20150262428 (Filing Date: March 17, 2014)
Google Patent USPTO

Structural modeling using depth sensors
US20150070387 (Filing Date: September 11, 2013)
Google Patent USPTO

Augmented Reality (ar) capture & play
US20140344762 (Filing Date: May 14, 2013)
Google Patent USPTO

Image-driven view management for annotations
US9147221 (Filing Date: May 23, 2012, Issue: September 29, 2015)
Google Patent USPTO